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2 New Frame Lines Have Arrived

I am so excited to announce the addition of Laibach & York and Roger Eye Design to Studio 20/20's frame line up. I am a firm believer that glasses should represent you, the wearer. They should compliment your features, but they should also represent your personality which is unique to you. After all, you wear them on your face, so why not have them be part of your 'personality brand.'

These frame lines will help tell the story of you, the wearer. Liabach & York were founded in 2013, and they have been bench crafting eyewear for high profile clientele for years. In 2019, they decided to create their own label accessible to all. These frames are made in Slovenia, are perfectly balanced for comfort, made out of Italian cellulose acetate, and each frame design has 3-5 barrel Italian hinges. Oh, and the finish....each frame is quadruple polished for a stunning, glassy finish. The styles, colors, and finish work are exquisite in this collection. The personal style statements these frames portray range from 'boldly classic' to 'opposite of wall flower' for both men and women.

And then there is Roger Eye Design. Have you ever gone into an optical shop and thought all the frames look the same? Then, you travelled from optical shop to optical shop, and the frame inventory looked identical to all the other shops. Those shops didn't have Roger Eye Design then because these frames were designed for all of those tired of boring eyewear. Their 'Cartoon' and 'Finetoon' collection suits those eyeglass wearers that are looking for a frame that suits their character and way of life.

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