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2023 Updates: Geeking Out!

Studio 20/20 is in its' 4th year of business, and the start of this year brings many exciting additions and updates to my optical shop. Obviously I love glasses, and I'm always on the hunt for unique independent frame lines to offer my clients. Well, I have added two new collections, Modo eyewear and Eco eyewear to the line up.

Modo's frame line is comprised of a variety of titanium collections and 3D-Lab frames. Each collection within Modo has great color options, extreme comfort, and eye catching (no pun intended) designs for everyone.

Then, there is Eco eyewear. This carbon-negative eyewear collection are frames made for sustainable materials. Oh, and there's a bonus with this collection. Every frame has a magnetic polarized sunglass clip on available which instantly turns these amazing frames into amazing sunnies.

Did I mention that I love glasses? Of course, my mission for frame finds doesn't stop with these new collections. I'll be attending the Northeast Optical Show tomorrow to view, try, and possibly buy from over 45 independent frame lines.

Finding fun frames for clients is the fashion forward part of my job, but learning about the best optical solutions for my clients is the most important part. I'll be attending classes at the Northeast Optical Show as well tomorrow. Although the fashion is fun, I totally geek out when it comes to the math and science of being an optician.

Last but definitely not least, Dr. Marie Mantelli, owner and optometrist of The Eye Doc, has been offering comprehensive eye exams at Studio 20/20 for 2 years, now. Originally, she was here just Mondays, but now she is here most Mondays and Tuesdays. You can now get the same quality, individualized attention for your eye exam and your eyewear here.

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