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BluTech For Your Eyes

Now more than ever, we are utilizing technology on a daily basis. Some of us are spending numerous hours a day on our devices for work and school purposes.

Did you know that all of these devices emit harmful blue light which can cause eye strain, eye fatigue, migraines and headaches, along with cumulative eye damage such as age-related macular degeneration? Well, Studio 20/20 has a preventative measure to help counteract all of the above, and it's called BluTech. BluTech is a lens material that's available in prescription and non-prescription, and it helps filter the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices.

Pictured above is my work from home set up: no makeup, but you can be sure I have my BluTech glasses on. Contact me for more details or look online for the non-prescription and reading glasses available @ Options are available for adults and children. Pick a style, contact me to place your order, and I can have it shipped directly to you. No need to leave your home!

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