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End of Year Sale Starts Soon

I know! Who wants to talk about the end of the year because it usually means colder temperatures and shorter days, but Studio 20/20 wants to put a positive spin to the final days of 2021 with a sale. Yup, I've been working hard with my representatives to make this "Final Days of 2021" deal as lucrative for your wallet as possible, so here are the details...

Purchase any Lafont frame and new lenses, get your second pair of Lafonts and prescription lenses @ 40% off. Discount applies to the less expensive of the 2 pairs. You heard it right! Studio 20/20 is doubling the multiple pair discount to 40% until the end of the year on this great product! Get a fun pair and a studious pair. Get a fancy pair and an everyday pair. Get a sunglass and a clear pair. The options are endless with this in-store promotion, but don't wait!

If you are looking to get just one pair, but want to stretch your dollar as far as possible, Studio 20/20 does have frames from other companies at 40% off. This discount would apply to the frame only, and certain restrictions apply for this inventory special.

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