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Lucky #3

Studio 20/20's semi-annual trunk show was exactly one week ago, and what an event it was. Every trunk show I have a theme, and the theme for this event was 'Lucky #3.' Why 3 you ask? Well, it was my 3rd trunk show at Studio 20/20. I featured 3 unique frame lines that were from 3 different countries, and I needed 3 key things to take place in order for this event to be a successful one: perfect weather, fun frames, and amazing people (and that happened).

There are a lot more than 3 people I need to thank, though. Thank you to my frame reps, Danny and Jessica. They did an amazing job 'styling' my clients. Thank you to my helpers, Rebekah and Layla.These ladies directed clients to the frame collections, raffles, and refreshments. They also helped keep me organized. Thank you to my clients, existing and new ones, that embraced these fun collections and provided many laughs as they tried on styles that may have been out of their comfort zone.

Here are just a few pictures to highlight on of my favorite work days of the year. Hope to 'see' new and returning clients at the next event in May 2023. ~Erica

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